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My backstory of being an “illegitimate” child of a young single mother, who was forced to give me up for adoption, sparked a passion in me to help other displaced children and women. Having immigrated from another country myself, I have also wanted to ensure I keep my perspective that of a global mindset, looking outward from just the city or country I currently live in. 

These unique experiences all led me to look for ways to help others in any way I could and have now given me the honor to serve as an officer for the Children of War Foundation (COWF), which provides medical aid as well as sustainable education to children worldwide who would otherwise not have access to it. My place at COWF has given me the opportunity to use my knowledge in filmmaking to spread their work through various social media platforms. More recently for COWF, I have been able to also travel to Ukraine after the recent outbreak of war to hand-deliver half a million dollars worth of medical supplies to two hospitals and to deliver aid for a COWF-run school for refugees on the Jordanian-Syrian border. Both of these experiences were ones I will never forget and am extremely humbled to have been given the ability to see indeed the worst but also the best of humanity, and I hope to continue to be able to do this kind of work for the rest of my life.

Locally, I also support LA-based non-profits such as Fix’n Fidos and Project Angel Food, which both do amazing work to help people throughout Southern California, and when I heard about their work, I knew I had to join them in their missions. At Fix’n Fidos, money is raised to provide free veterinary services to pet owners who can’t afford it, along with various other aid for pet owners in the area. Project Angel Food provides customized and healthy meals to those impacted by serious illnesses. What I loved about both of these organizations was how they both are helping those who have otherwise been forgotten by many others, which of course is also quite a personal subject from my early childhood. 

In the organizations I get to work with, I have also felt compelled to utilize my experience in storytelling to spread the message and increase awareness of each non-profit, and so I have been able to use my company’s production services to make professional videos free of charge for their websites and social media. 


fix’n fidos, started by founder and president kacey montoya of ktla, is an all-volunteer organization started to help with small vet bills and routine vaccines so people would not have to surrender their pets to shelters for financial reasons during covid. since march 2020, the organization has spent more than $170,000 helping pets in los angeles.


I am an officer for the Children of War Foundation, a role that has taken me around the world supplying medical supplies to war-torn countries and refugee camps. Most recently I delivered medical supplies to several childrens' hospitals in Ukraine, and I have worked at a refugee camp in Jordan with my daughters, supporting the efforts of CoW. I also create films for the Foundation, to enable them to share their work and mission worldwide.


I was honoured to be offered the opportunity to name a chair in the new Richard Attenborough Theatre at BAFTA in Piccadilly. Rather than have my own name on the seat I chose to use that of my birth mother - Georgia Korakis - as a lasting tribute to her. Georgia was just 19 when she was forced to give me up for adoption soon after my birth. My forthcoming film Georgia tells her story, and I am determined to honor her legacy by ensuring her name lives on through film.


Project Angel Food prepares and delivers over one million medically tailored meals each year, free of charge to homes of men, women, and children affected by life-threatening illnesses.  Declared an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Project Angel Food has expanded to meet the moment and the need throughout Los Angeles County to deliver medically tailored meals and nutritional counseling services to more than 2,400 people per day. This is an increase of 54% from our pre-pandemic numbers.

Under the care of Project Angel Food’s registered dietitians, and in consultation with each client’s primary healthcare case manager, clients receive one-on-one nutritional counseling and a customized menu that is designed to meet the unique needs of their diagnosis and aligned with their personal dietary restrictions and preferences. Currently, the Project Angel Food kitchen creates 13 variations of each menu.


The Georgia Project, started in 2021, is an initiative focusing on ensuring the safety, education, and freedom of young girls internationally. With many families worldwide facing economic difficulties, there are unfortunate circumstances where parents turn to arranged marriages for their young daughters, who as they get older become financial “burdens” to the family. This initiative will ensure that these girls have access to paying jobs instead so they can continue to grow and learn independently.