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Honouring my mother’s name – why Lewis Hamilton has the right idea

FOX 11 LA Children of War Foundation Ukraine Mission

March 17, 23

'When COVID started I said, I really want to make an impact and do something' says TV & Film Executive Producer and Director James P Axiotis.

March 17, 23
"Until we bring awareness of the plight of these refugees, we have to find a way and not water it down and this won't be good."

Interview with Hollywood film producer and philanthropist James P Axiotis

March 17, 23
In this episode I talk to James P Axiotis who is a film producer, based in LA, but soon to move to London, with more than 25 years experience developing, casting, and producing film and television content.

James P. Axiotis: Spreading Awareness through Storytelling

At JPA Productions, one producer is using the power of storytelling to spread awareness and bring aid to refugees and those that are directly impacted by conflict and other disasters internationally.

HeForShe: James Axiotis | Film Producer

Born in Athens, Greece, producer James P. Axiotis was adopted at a young age and raised in Southern California.

Film producer's philanthropic work for charity

James Axiotis is a successful TV and film producer who has set himself apart by dedicating much of his life to philanthropy.

Filmmakers Making A Social Impact: Why & How Film & TV Producer Jamies P Axiotis of JPA Productions Is Helping To Change Our World

A philanthropist with a focus on the empowerment of minority and disadvantaged individuals.

Honouring my mother’s name – why Lewis Hamilton has the right idea

This subject is close to my heart as I work to honour my own mother’s name through my latest film – Georgia.